Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have to remove the quarter round to remove my floor? 

Yes. Any mouldings such as quarter round or shoe moulding must be removed to properly remove (and reinstall) your floors. 

Do my cabinets need to be removed if they're on top of the floor?

No. We protect the cabinets during the removal  and have tools that cut or remove flooring up to the bottom of the cabinets.

How much will this cost me?

It depends on the type of floor you are looking to have removed. Different types of floors result in varying costs. Schedule your in-home consultation so we may come to the job site and provide you with exact costs. 

How Long will it take to remove my floors?

We can remove up to 1,000 square feet of residential flooring in one day. Commercial spaces generally take less time because there is more open and available space for our machines. Call us for further details! 

What happens with the waste?

The waste is removed from your home or business and put into a waste container. We recommended using Waste Management if you are going to be providing the dumpster. They provide a service called the Bagster which is great for most home-remodeling projects. 

Do You work after hours? 

Yes! For commercial projects, we are able to work around your timeline. We are available evenings and weekends to allow for minimal interruptions in your daily business operations.