Floor Removal - Apartment Complexes

As the operator of an apartment complex, you know that first impressions are extremely important in attracting new tenants. An outdated floor is one of the many things that can ruin that first impression, limiting you from keeping all your homes filled so you can make as much money as you should be. An old or unkempt floor can also provide a less than welcoming environment for current tenants, limiting their housing satisfaction and possibly driving them away to find a new place to live. The flooring removal professionals here at Woodruff have the skill and expertise to provide you with an updated and modern look on any of your apartment complexes, beginning with removing those old and dingy looking floors. 

We offer all floor removal services with exceedingly high quality, fast demos, and offer flexible scheduling to work around your busy agenda. We understand your obligations to the comfort and security of your tenants, and are able to work during almost any hours you need for their benefit. 

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  • Fast Service
  • Flexible Scheduling 
  • Night and Weekend Work Available
  • Professional Floor Removal Team 
  • Lease your Units Sooner